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Set out to go on a survey on a secluded village, seems simple and straight-forward, willingly accepted it as a job, and as a call for your profession, but things aren't what they seemed to be as you venture more and more.

There is only two things I advise you, you wouldn't want to be outside at night, and most importantly, stay silent.

Demo is only available for now, it includes the first scene, on a temporary shelter. 

The demo available is for testing compatibility or bugs and errors,  it doesn't contain much of the story yet, but just as a showcase.

I've been wanting to finish this project since I was 12 lol, but, many things kept holding me back.

Minimum System Requirements:

AMD A8 7650K or better/equivalent



Stay Tuned. #horror #survival #strategy

Updated 5 days ago
Published 18 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreSurvival, Strategy
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror


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Silent Demo v1.0

Development log


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Deleted 2 hours ago

well, it is a showcase after all hehe, i'm working on a major update, if you stay tune haha

SKIP TO 18:53!!!

thank you very much! <3

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As far as demos go, this is pretty nice. Graphics are much better than expected, and it runs really well. A few suggestions from the average players standpoint - More graphics customization. FOV, Motion Blur, ETC. Also perhaps an Upgraded UI and door animation (seeing the door jolt open like that kind of scared me if I'm being honest). Other than that, this demo is very nice. It has amazing atmosphere. I'm super excited to see where you take the story from here, and you can bet I will check out the full game whenever you are finished.

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll do my best for sure hehe. I'm also excited to finish this next release!

I mean its pretty much a prototype for a level idea at this point. Needs something to happen.

pretty much, but, I'll be releasing a new one soon tho. :D

I really like how this game looks right now. I look foward to seeing what it'll become!

stay tuneeedd!!

I made a few suggestions during my playthrough that may be helpful to you, keep up the good work

Just what I need hehe, thanks very much!

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The look of this was great. Wish there was a bit more in it so I could have an idea of what coming in the future 

Your game starts at 4:24
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You'll soon find out hehe. <3

Stay Tuned!


Looks like the prettiest thing to ever crash my computer. Looks nice! Too nice..

haha, thanks! <3

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nice <3 although, the demo v.1 doesnt contain much of the game, cuz it is just for testing for now hehe, stay tuned!


corona virus no corona virus

Why so little? Go on. Beautiful map )))

Thank you for testing the demo! It's good to know that you liked it, be sure to stay tuned cuz I'll be soon releasing the actual demo game, where there is actual survival! hehe. 

Absolutely amazing, thank you for making a game that is optimized well!!!

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Well, I Very much appreciate you testing this out! hehe. I'll be sure update this game as frequently as I can! :D

The game looks great! We went exploring around initially to get a better feel for the environment. Thanks for creating the game for us to try out!

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Thank you very much! Sorry if it lacks some action for now, haha, It's more of a sampler. Stay Tuned!


You had 2 FPS while playing this? :D

i love 2 fps ..i lke dirty game ahhahah

Thanks for testing! but, can I know your specs? 

Sounds interesting! I'll be sure to stay tuned in whenever this game is released.

Very much appreciated!